2017 Dutta Corp FHI

Incredible weekend at the 2017 Dutta Corp Fair Hill International! Sandro’s Star jumped clean around his first CCI2* and Unmarked Bills gave me an incredible ride around our second CCI3*. I feel so fortunate to be able to ride two incredible horses who give nothing but heart out there. If today is any look into the future, I can’t help but to be excited.

And to think only 9 months prior, Sandro’s Star (Sagnol – Nostalgia’s Star xx – Envoy xx) did his first event since returning to US soil. In his first year competing back in America, Sandro’s managed to accomplish wins at the One Star and Two Star level, was the 2017 Champion Stallion at Dressage at Devon, finished in 13th place at The Dutta Corp FHI CCI2* this weekend, and is currently ranked number one for the USEA Stallion of the Year Leaderboard! Thank you Sandro for being such an incredible horse and giving us all a year to remember.

As for Unmarked Bills, I can’t believe how far he has come and just how much he continues to show how much heart he has! Thank you Billy for another great year!

Thank you Jan for helping to make sure both boys were ready for FHI – walking the courses and keeping a watchful eye in the warmup!  Thank you Hannah and Antonio for their continued support and daily guidance. And thank you to everyone at Zaragoza Acres who have made this year possible: our family and friends; our vet Alexis Theiss; and our incredible sponsors Eponia USA, Custom Saddlery, Walsh Products, Alberto Fasciani, Soteria USA, and Stone Pony Browbands.

– Chris