Chris Talley and Unmarked Bills Win the Hearts of Many at Their First CCI5*

As I sit and reflect on last weekend and what a journey it has been in getting to Land Rover Kentucky, the amount of support from everyone both near and far was incredibly special.

Unmarked Bills was simply incredible. He is a true horse of a lifetime and I feel grateful to have looked through the ears of such an incredible horse at our very first 5*. Thank you for the ride of my life Billy, it has been one I’ll never forget.

The weekend was a true testament to the hard work that so many people have put into Unmarked Bills and myself. I am extremely grateful for our incredible team at Zaragoza Acres LLC, my parents, the Unmarked Bills Syndicate, all of our friends and family, and our wonderful sponsors. Together you all have supported Billy and I over the past 4 years and made my biggest dream come true. This could not have been possible without each of them playing such an essential part in our development, and for being the main reason for our success.

Unmarked Bills is happily enjoying a very well earned vacation and we will look to make some exciting fall plans in the weeks to come!

Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!