Unmarked Bills Proves OTTBs Have Hearts of Gold at Burghley

Unmarked Bills traveled very well and was in top form the days leading up to Burghley. On September 5th, Billy was stunning for our jog and I was beyond thankful to Hannah and Emma who turned him out beautifully. The next day, I was thrilled with Billy about his dressage performance. Even though he was a bit hot, I could not have been happier with the quality he showed and the improvement in him since our very first 5-star at Rolex back in April. I am grateful to Hannah for her dedication and commitment to helping Billy and I continue to improve in dressage. She has been there every step of the way and continues to help us be the best we can be in the arena. Riding into the arena, I thought how special it was that Billy has taken us to such a magical moment in our career together surrounded by so many loved ones, supporters and fans.

On September 7th, Billy then gave me his entire heart out on the cross country course and fought his way around one of the most difficult tracks in the world! However, the morning after our cross country event, we decided it was in Billy’s best interest to withdraw from Burghley due to soreness in his stifle. Billy has given me one amazing ride after another for the last 4 years. But at the end of the day, his health and well-being is always our main priority. We appreciated the professionalism and collaboration with exceptional veterinarians in England as well as ours in the States, the Unmarked Bills syndicate, and our entire ZA team who wanted nothing but the best for him.

A look back at Unmarked Bills at Burghley CCI5*, I cannot believe it has already been one week since Billy and I tackled the biggest event of our career. It was unbelievable and I am truly thankful to have had this experience with this once in a lifetime horse! Thank you to everyone who had shared in our journey and made getting to Burghley possible. Billy and I hope that one day in the future we will be able to gallop around this incredible venue again.