Photo by Purple Horse Designs

Hannah Salazar opened her first horse boarding and training facility in 2004 with her husband Antonio and soon thereafter realized working with horses was the path she wanted to continue throughout her professional career. She then founded Zaragoza Acres LLC in 2008 with its namesake rooted as a tribute to her husband’s hometown in Mexico.

Hannah’s passions are to develop carefully selected prospects bought from American breeders or imported from Europe as well as the continued education of her students from adult amateurs up to young professionals. She takes an immense amount of pride in her clients and their horses in reaching their fullest potential. Hannah also holds a strong belief in the importance of a continued education for herself and is continually motivated and encouraged by fellow professionals. She has worked with many high profile dressage trainers that she considers to be the best in the industry such as Ulf Moeller, Lisa Wilcox, Linda Zang, Scott Hassler, and Courtney King-Dye. And more recently, she has been inspired by her dear friend Quinnten Alston, whom she admires as one of the best in the country, to develop her skills as a handler.

In 2013, one of Hannah’s supporters provided the opportunity to find a young horse that could offer her a bright future. Hannah and Antonio traveled to Europe and their hearts were sold when they came upon “Faramund” (Fidertanz – Donnerschlag – Wall Street), a stunning, intelligent and well-tempered young stallion true to his pedigree. This acquisition would later prove to be a crucial turning point in her life and career. Faramund went on to have many successes in a short time including the honor of being named Champion Stallion aPhoto of Hannah and Antonio Salazar with Christabellnd Reserve Champion Mature Horse at Dressage at Devon in 2014. Also, the young horses Hannah and Antonio owned as well as her client’s horses continued to shine with wins and top placing’s in the USEF Young Horse classes, Spy Coast Young Horse Show (YHS) series, and breed shows including championship wins and breed registry inspections.

As business continued to flourish, Hannah branched out and embraced the world of breeding. She researched numerous pedigrees in hopes to produce performance horses at home. She then successfully bred six mares in 2015! Knowing she’d be faced with a barn full of youngsters, Hannah would need a like-minded professional to help her keep the training programs successful. That fall, she was referred to an upcoming eventing trainer Chris Talley and he began helping Hannah start young horses. Almost instantly, she knew Chris was a special rider and special person. By year’s end, Hannah and Chris agreed joining their business efforts together would maximize their potential in accomplishing a shared dream. So in the Spring of 2016, Chris returned from competing in Aiken and joined the Zaragoza Acres team as eventing and show jumping trainer.

Hannah dreamt of one-day having a facility where people could come together with a common goal of producing horses thorough breeding, development and education. That “one day” finally came in the Summer of 2016 when Hannah and Antonio purchased their own farm to secure the future of Zaragoza Acres. They have dedicated their lives to the health and happiness of horses and can now continue to do so on their own farm.

Blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful children, a team of professionals assisting, a farm secured, and incredible sponsorship support, Hannah has brought all her life goals full circle. Also she has a truly genuine character which cherishes many strong, supportive friendships that have grown during her tenure in the industry. This, too, has greatly contributed to her success and the growth of Zaragoza Acres. She eagerly looks forward to further development of the program and hopes to continue giving back to the industry she so deeply loves.