Our services at Zaragoza Acres welcome all levels of riding from adult amateurs to aspiring young professionals. We are here to help you and your horse in dressage, show jumping, eventing and the development of young horses. We tailor our training program and instruction based the horse’s abilities and each rider’s desired goals.

Training and Instruction

Our commitment to each horse as they develop their skills is paramount at Zaragoza Acres. Since every horse has their own unique character, we design each training program based upon their inherent abilities and maturity. It is through our trainers Hannah Salazar and Chris Talley that we offer the advancement of horses through the levels of dressage, show jumping and eventing. Our services also include inspection preparation and performance testing for mares and stallion. Throughout the year, we maintain an active show schedule from recognized dressage shows and horse trials through FEI events. Our show schedule can be tailored to the needs of our client’s horses along side our horses’ competitions.

At Zaragoza Acres, instruction is tailored to combine your personal goals and your horse’s abilities to produce a confident pair as the result. The goal is to advance the horse and rider in a safe, methodical and thorough manner through all levels. Our dedicated trainers are available for trailer-in lessons as well as clinics and show coaching.

Inspection and Handling

We offer inspection preparation for mares and stallions as well as handling at breed shows. Since we believe in a systematic approach to preparing young horses for these events, a one-month commitment minimum to our training program is required for owners interested in our services for inspections and handling. Through proper handling, our horses have gone on to have much success at renowned competitions such as Dressage at Devon, the Spy Coast Young Horse Show series, and notable breed registry inspections. If you have a young horse, please contact us so we can help you start them in the right direction for a successful career.